So I finally gathered all the required documents, filled out all the forms, packaged them up, wrote a check and mailed it off. It’s pretty much official. We are starting the road to Vegas.

The following are the documents we had to get together for the initial filing:

  1. I-129F
  2. I-129F Supplement: Part B, Question 18, explanation of meeting in person
  3. G-325A and passport style photo (me)
  4. G-325A and passport style photo (him)
  5. Birth certificate – Original and Certified Copy (me)
  6. Divorce Certificate (him)
  7. Letter certifying intent to marry (one from each of us)
  8. Proof of having met in person in the past two years & ongoing relationship (photos & airline tickets)
  9. Check for $340

Now, I sit back and wait for them to receive the package, cash my check and send the package to the Vermont Service Center. Should only be a couple of days.