On October 3rd, B went to the walk in clinic for a cough. He was referred to the ER because of extremely high blood pressure. We then found out he had pneumonia.

They ran test after test to try to find the cause of his abnormally high blood pressure. With those tests, we found out the shocking fact that he’s in Stage 5 Renal Failure.


Yeah, that was our reaction too. Turns out that his kidneys have been hoarding an antibody for quite a long time. And by long, I mean roughly 15 years. Turns out that even if he had known about it, there’s nothing that could have been done to reverse it. It’s kind of that blessing in disguise – he didn’t know, so it didn’t impact/consume his daily life.

B was in the hospital for 5 days, 3 in ICU because of the blood pressure. We’ve got that under control and are now focused on what to do about his kidneys. Our main issue is knowledge. Because we didn’t know he was sick, he doesn’t have the history of blood tests showing his rate of decline. So we are in a wait and see situation. Right now his kidney function is at about 10%. Dialysis will be in his near future and we are contemplating the different types. Transplant will also be on the table, but first things first, we have to see how just how fast he’s declining. *