So last night…

It was rough to say the least. Most of you are aware now that B is back in the hospital and not for the surgical procedure that was planned for today.

I brought him to the ER last night because he just wasn’t “right” when I got home from work.

It turns out his potassium levels “were not compatible with life.” He actually coded/went into cardiac arrest. CPR and a few shocks later he was back.

He’s been admitted to ICU and underwent emergency dialysis last night.

Today he’s much better. He’s awake and joking. Physical therapy had him up and Walking the halls.

His big thing right now is bragging about how he died first and that it was a good sleep. Go figure!

He’s just going to be chilling for the rest of today and possibly do another round of hemodialysis tomorrow. It’ll depend on his labs. We are also still going to see about getting the catheter for the peritoneal dialysis. But in the meantime he will be doing hemo.