2016 was quite the year for us. We had good times, mediocre times, happy times and terrifying times.

We had a few major events happen this past year – we bought a house! Yep, we became homeowners the day after my 35th birthday and we spent the better part of the summer working on it. The only major thing we have left to do is putting a floor into what is now B’s medical supply closet, aka my former/eventual craft/guest room.

This year we also found out about B’s kidney function, or lack thereof. Since October, we’ve been playing catch up. But things are really starting to look up. B’s on dialysis and we are starting the process for transplant evaluation.

Did I mention we are also back in the immigration line?

All in all, we had times and we just went with it. It’s what we do.

Here’s to 2017 and all of the times we will have!