I’m Donna, the American. Southern to be exact. I hail from small town South Carolina, but moved to the ‘burbs of Atlanta while in high school. I became the first in my family to graduate from university. I have a BA in Mass Communications that I’ve never actually used. A few years ago, I finally took the plunge and went into the family line of work, insurance adjusting.

He’s Barry, the Canadian. Hes the typical gamer geek. His idea of a dream job would be getting paid to play games all day (and night). Oh and he’s the typical Canadian guy, loves his hockey – the Canucks actually. He’s once divorced and that worked out for the best. Otherwise, well, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We met online in early 2006 through a mutual friend, Jen. One day she and I were messaging when she told me I had to get on Skype to listen to these two Canadians, B and his roommate. It was hilarious, everyone making fun of accents. For the first couple of weeks, it was always group sessions, then he started messaging me in private. Finally it was just the two of us and we hit it off. In May 2006 he asked me to visit Canada in July so that I could be his date to a friend’s wedding. I eventually caved, and we met in person in July 2006. With the exception of about 24 hours in June 2009, we’ve been together ever since.

So what happened in June 2009? Well, we finally had the argument over who moves where. Neither of us were willing to budge so we called it quits. Worst night/day of my life but I realized how much he meant to me. I caved and said that I would be willing to move at the end of the year. (Un)fortunately, that did not happen. In September 2009 I found out my dad was sick and ended up moving to Florida to take care of him. In August 2010, things were much better and I ended up taking what turned out to be a life changing temporary job.

During his visit here in June 2012, we went to my stepbrother’s wedding. We also helped out with setting up and getting last minute supplies. On the drive home from this wedding we had funny chat. Somewhere between Jacksonville and Orlando, we both agreed that if we ever got married, we would fly to Vegas and find Elvis. It would be cheaper, faster, less stressful, and a ton of fun.

Over his visit Christmas 2012, we started talking about when exactly we wanted to move in together. We agreed it would be after his car was paid of in October of 2013. It would be a great time as both of us would be debt free and could start with clean slates. In January 2013 I started looking at ways to get him here legally. We decided to go the fiance visa route.

It took a while to get the visa, but he crossed the border in January 2014. On February 23rd we were married in Vegas by Elvis. It was AWESOME! Flash forward a bit and Immigration was (and still is) a bitch. We are still jumping through hoops. But on April 24th 2016 we took our biggest plunge and bought a house.

On October 3rd 2016, Barry was admitted to the hospital. Long story short, we found out rather abruptly that he’s in Stage 5 Renal Failure. This came as a huge shock to us. And now here we are, navigating the murky waters of not only immigration but dialysis and kidney transplant. *