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Immigration & Dialysis

Posted on December 7, 2016

Fun times! Who wouldn’t just love to go through more immigration stuff while being on dialysis? But really – We just filed to remove conditions on Barry’s green card. He was granted a conditional two year green card after we were married. Now we have to show proof that we are a legitimate couple. This is going to be another long process, meaning it could take up to a year to hear back from the government. So, fingers crossed! On the dialysis side of things, the hemodialysis going quite well. He’s got the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule and with the exception of him having to wake up extremely early, things are good. Hopefully, next week they will start the training for the peritoneal and…

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Posted on November 9, 2016

I originally set up this site to track and share our immigration process. That kind of fell to the wayside. However, with B’s illness and lots of people to update – I’m bringing it back. Also we’ll be going through another round of immigration at the end of November, so two birds, one … site. *