In order to get B here legally and permanently, we decided to go the fiance visa route. This is referred to as the K-1 Visa. Unfortunately, as with all things immigration, this is a long and kind of costly process. And then because of the time frame, costs, and we’ll we just like to be unexpected, we’re going to go to Vegas when all is said and done. And yes, there will be was an Elvis involved.

The following are the hoops we will have to jump.

K-1 Visa Process (hoop 1)

Started – April 15, 2013
Finished – January 3, 2014

  1. I-129F with supporting Evidence – Inital filing mailed to Texas
  2. NOA1 – First notice of action, basically they accept the package and re-route to service center
  3. RFE or NOA2 – They request more information or approve the I-129F
  4. NVC – Accepted I-129F sent to National Visa Center for processing
  5. US Embassy – Accepted I-129F sent to the US Embassy in Vancouver for processing
  6. Packet 3/4 – Paperwork for B to fill out and send to the US Embassy in Vancouver
  7. Medical – B get’s a medical evaluation done
  8. Interview – B has an interview with the US Embassy in Vancouver – Either Approved or Denied at this stage
  9. POE – B enters US on the K-1 Visa


Completed – February 23,2014

Vegas Baby!

Adjustment of Status (hoop 2)

Started – March 28, 2014
Finished – February 27, 2015

Once we’re married and have the marriage certificate, we have to file for B’s adjustment of status (aka the green card). When we file for this, we will also file for an Employment Authorization Card and Advance Parole. This is because the wait for the green card can take up to a year or more. The EAD card will let him legally work in the US and the AP card will allow him to leave the US and come back should he need to.

Removal of Conditions (hoop 3)

Started – December 5, 2016

The catch to getting hitched and getting a green card is that it’s a conditional one. Good for only two years. There’s a period of 90 days before his green card expires that we’ll have to apply to remove conditions. After this process, he’ll get a 10 year green card.

Green Card Renewal or Naturalization (hoop 4)

Commencing in 2017/2018

After B’s been here between 3-5 years, he can choose to become a Naturalized US Citizen. If he chooses that route, he’d have dual citizenship (Canadian and American) That choice will be up to him. If he chooses not to, every 9-10 years, he’ll have to apply to renew his green card.


It ain’t an easy process. And it’s also not a cheap process. For the visa, moving him here and the initial AOS, we’re looking at roughly $5000.